Adot, founded by ex-Googler, secures $6M total funding to build decentralized AI search

Adot (, a decentralized AI search engine company founded by a former engineer of Google’s core team, today announced the successful completion of its Pre-A round of financing, securing $3 million. The investment was led by Hash Global and co-led by gCC (gumi Cryptos Capital) and Xin Family.

To date, Adot has raised a total of $6 million. Other notable investors include SevenX Ventures, Mask Network, Var Capital and Mixmarvel. The funds will be used to advance the development of the decentralized AI search engine.

Adot: Founded by Experienced Ex-Google Engineer and AI Experts

Dr. Wei, the CEO and founder of Adot, is a former founding member of Google’s mobile search ads team and an expert with over 20 years of experience in search engine and AI technologies. During his tenure at Google, he built Google’s mobile advertising ecosystem from the ground up and the team he led made significant contributions to Google’s revenue.

The core team at Adot brings an impressive depth of experience, with each member averaging over 10 years of expertise in the search engine and AI domains. The product partner has held key positions at leading companies such as Meituan,, and an AI startup later acquired by TikTok. The search algorithm lead, with a master’s degree from Peking University, contributes 15 years of search engine experience. The backend lead has built large-scale systems, including a platform with over 200 million users.

The Vision: A Trustworthy, Decentralized AI Search Engine for the Web3 Era

Adot’s mission is to create a trustworthy, decentralized search engine tailored for the AI era and Web3 networks.

Traditional search engines generated $300 billion in revenue and accounted for over 50% of internet traffic in 2023. However, they are no longer fully capable of meeting user demands in the AI era. AI search engines like Perplexity have already gained significant traction.

The convergence of Web3, AI, and search engines will redefine the future of the internet. Adot envisions that the AI-powered Web3 search engine will possess the following key attributes:

  • Universal, trustworthy, explainable, and decentralized.
  • A universal Web3 search engine that integrates all Web3-related data and covers all use cases, e.g., project research, transaction optimization, social media discovery, etc.
  • Transparent and trustworthy AI that provides final answers and supporting facts, ensuring trust.
  • Decentralized and customizable AI that empowers users and developers to contribute data, influence algorithms and create their own AI.
  • An innovative business model fitting the Web3 and AI era, allowing all participants to generate income.

Adot is committed to building a generative search engine in the age of personalized Internet. It is built on the breakthrough of AI big model technology and the maturity of Web3 technology. Adot’s search + AI mode can also be a good solution to the illusion problem of LLMs. Adot’s underlying data are cleaned up and optimized algorithmically, it gives better answers than GPT4. Adot’s underlying data has been cleaned and optimized by algorithms, so the answers it gives are much more reliable than those of GPT4, and it doesn’t just make something out of nothing.” said KK, Founder of Hash Global.

Adot’s search engine ingeniously merges Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 data, seamlessly integrating on-chain and off-chain sources for a comprehensive search experience. By leveraging proprietary technology, Adot unlocks hidden in-app data across the internet, ensuring that search results are not only extensive but also highly accurate. With the power of generative AI, Adot doesn’t just provide information; it delivers actionable insights, establishing itself as the ultimate gateway to Web 3.0 for all users.” said Rui Zhang, Co-founder and Managing Partner of gumi Cryptos Capital.

Adot’s Roadmap: Decentralizing Search with Innovative Incentive Models

Adot’s current product line includes an AI search engine for Web3 users, a Chrome extension that helps users explore Web3, and a customizable AI SDK and API for developers.

This year, Adot will focus on further decentralizing its search products. A key milestone is the rollout of the “Search to Earn” feature in Q2, which will allow users to earn rewards through their daily search activities. Future plans include implementing “Index to Earn” and “Compute to Earn” models at the data layer to incentivize decentralized data contribution. Adot will also work on providing personalized experiences for users, developers, and KOLs at the application layer. The company is now accepting applications for its “Search to Earn” program at

“By implementing economic incentives, we encourage users to actively participate in AI-assisted Web3 content searches. This approach not only enhances the efficiency of accessing and connecting to any Web3-related information, whether stored on-chain or off-chain but also aligns the interests of users, developers, and the Web3 community, fostering a more inclusive and rewarding search experience for all.” said Dr. Wei, CEO and founder of Adot, in an interview.

About Adot

Adot is a decentralized search network for AI Internet. It not only provides users with a more convenient and intelligent Web3 content search experience but also assists developers in quickly building their own personalized search functionalities.

Adot’s mission is to build a decentralized search network that all-round surpasses traditional search engines to make all high-quality data openly accessible to every user and developer.

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