Adot Secures Grants to Enhance Tezos Search Capabilities


In the midst of the Web3 era, Adot is actively working to provide robust search capabilities for the Tezos ecosystem. To achieve this goal, we are thrilled to announce that Adot has received a certain amount of grants from TZ APAC. This funding will assist us in rapidly achieving a series of key milestones to deliver an unparalleled data access and search experience for the Tezos community.

Here are the specific milestones in our plan:

  1. Integrate Tezos-Related Data into Adot’s AI Search Application: We will seamlessly integrate essential data from the Tezos ecosystem into Adot’s AI search application, ensuring users can easily access Tezos-related information.
  2. Correlate Tezos On-Chain and Off-Chain Data Through Plugins: We will leverage plugin technology to correlate data from the Tezos blockchain with off-chain data, providing a more comprehensive information retrieval capability.
  3. Enable Real-Time Key Data Searching for Tezos: Users will be empowered to search for real-time key data on the Tezos network, helping them gain a better understanding of the dynamics within the Tezos ecosystem.
  4. Create an AI Search Tool for Tezos Content: We will develop a dedicated AI search tool to assist users in quickly finding Tezos-related content, whether it be contracts, transactions, or other critical information.
  5. Establish Product Partnerships with Ecosystem Developers: We will actively collaborate with developers within the Tezos ecosystem to jointly build additional features and applications, enriching the user experience.
  6. Launch the Beta Version of the AI Search Tool for Tezos: We plan to release a beta version of the Tezos AI search tool once development is completed and tested, allowing users to experience it early and provide feedback.
  7. Roll Out the AI Search Tool for Tezos: Ultimately, we will officially launch the Tezos AI search tool, providing efficient and intelligent data search services for the broader Tezos community.

The realization of these milestones will significantly contribute to the growth of the Tezos ecosystem, offering a powerful tool for blockchain enthusiasts, developers, and researchers to better understand and harness the potential of Tezos. We extend our gratitude to TZ APAC for their generous support, which will expedite Adot’s mission in the Web3 world to provide outstanding search and data access experiences for users.

Please stay tuned for updates as we look forward to providing more valuable tools and resources to the Tezos community, collectively building a stronger Web3 ecosystem.

About Tezos

Tezos is an open-source platform that addresses key barriers facing blockchain adoption for assets and applications backed by a global community of validators, researchers, and builders. By design, Tezos embraces long-term upgradability, open participation, collaboration, and smart contract safety.


TZ APAC is a web3 ecosystem builder empowering founders, creators, developers and institution leaders to thrive. With dedicated teams across Asia, TZ APAC is hyper-local at heart with a mission to nurture the next generation of Web3 gaming, NFT and DeFi champions in the region. TZ APAC’s commitment to building a strong network of Web3 startups, grassroot communities and global organizations is accelerating Tezos as the blockchain of choice in Asia. TZ APAC is supported by the Tezos Foundation and is headquartered in Singapore.

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