Announcement丨Adot partners with Firefly

Today, we’re proud to announce that Adot has partnered with Firefly, a Web3 cross-DID social app built with Mask Network.

Firefly has integrated with Adot’s open search and content aggregation feature. Adot provides the query suggestion service with query recommendations and auto completion features, and supports aggregation of related on-chain and off-chain data by tracking on-chain entities.

With the help of Adot’s powerful search engine, Firefly users can easily search for Web3 content from on-chain and off-chain sources, such as wallets, NFTs, tokens, as well as social media and news aggregation platforms. This meets the needs of users to obtain Web3 knowledge and greatly enhances the search experience in social applications.

The partnership between Adot and Firefly will continue to explore the Web3 social ecosystem, allowing more users to accurately access high-quality Web3 content and better understand the Web3 world. We look forward to deeper cooperation between the two parties in the future, jointly building a prosperous Web3 ecosystem.

About Firefly

Firefly is a cutting-edge social app built by Mask Network that aims to revolutionize the world of decentralized social networks. By combining the best of web2 and web3, Firefly provides users with a unique, heterogeneous social stream that blends on-chain and off-chain content in a seamless and coherent manner.

About Adot

Adot is a decentralized Web3 search engine that aims to redefine how data is collected, organized, and delivered. Adot sorts, aggregates, and indexes data from both on-chain and off-chain sources and enables users to lego their personalized search experience with their data ownership controlled.




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