Announcement|Adot collaborates with PermaDAO & WeWeave

Today, we are pleased to announce that Adot has established a partnership with WeWeave, the decentralized cloud storage network developed and incubated by PermaDAO.

Adot will provide powerful full-chain data retrieval functions to WeWeave. Through the search box on WeWeave’s homepage search bar, users can not only browse their own uploaded data, but also easily access any files and content stored on the Arweave network. Besides, Adot will also provide filtering, tagging, and other functions for WeWeave users’ search results, making it easy for users to classify the data they need.

Then Adot will collaborate more deeply with WeWeave on content recommendation, interaction, and distribution, building a bridge between decentralized storage and data distribution, and continuously providing high-quality Arweave ecological content to storage users, improving their data browsing and interaction experience.

Meanwhile, Adot will also collaborate deeply with PermaDAO to jointly build a data distribution network for Arweave permanent storage. Adot will use intelligent decentralized search engine technology, combined with PermaDAO’s rich technical resources and efficient community driving force, to provide powerful search tools and data services for Arweave’s global ecosystem and community users, supporting the dApp technology development of developers and the content search needs of users.

About WeWeave

WeWeave is a content storage, retrieval, creation, sharing, and tipping platform based on the Arweave permanent network, initiated and developed by the PermaDAO R&D Guild, and is also one of the projects incubated by PermaDAO. It mainly serves the user groups in the Ethereum ecosystem. Users can connect to WeWeave via Ethereum accounts through Metamask, WalletConnect, and various mobile wallets. Thanks to the Arseeding light node gateway, WeWeave supports using ETH, USDC, DAI, and other tokens to pay for storage fees.

Visit to experience it.

About PermaDAO

Arweave is the infrastructure that undertakes the important mission in terms of permanently storing the crystallization of human wisdom. As the increasing development of Web3, Arweave being an infrastructure will be applied by more developers to create a brand new and more diversified ecosystem. Based on this background, PermaDAO is established by a community of some co-builders. All of the participants can find their roles here to contribute to the Arweave ecosystem. Any proposals and tasks about Arweave can be published here as well as the support and feedback from the whole community. Join PermaDAO and build Web3!

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About Adot

Adot is a decentralized Web3 search engine that aims to redefine how data is collected, organized, and delivered. Adot sorts, aggregates, and indexes data from both on-chain and off-chain sources and enables users to lego their personalized search experience with their data ownership controlled.

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