Collaborating with Koii Network for the Web3 Future

We’re excited to announce our collaboration with the Web3 public knowledge network, Koii Network, and the potential acquisition of a significant Grant reward. While the reward has not yet materialized, we are confident that this collaboration will inject new vitality into our project and drive innovation in the Web3 ecosystem.

Adot is an AI-based Web3 search engine, and our mission is to provide users with a more open, fair, and beneficial Web3 search experience through innovative technology. Our collaboration with Koii Network will enable us to:

  1. Run Web Crawling Tasks on Koii Nodes: By setting up and running web crawling tasks on Koii Nodes, we will be able to more efficiently search and analyze data within the Web3 space, providing users with essential information about market dynamics.
  2. Promote Koii Nodes: We will actively promote Koii Nodes and engage in partnerships to further drive innovation within the Web3 ecosystem.
  3. Create Templates: We will develop templates to simplify the implementation of data crawling tasks, offering users more choices and flexibility.
  4. Fetch Large-Scale Plugin Data: We will develop tasks to fetch large-scale plugin data, providing users with more insights into market trends and user preferences.
  5. Incentivize Innovative Usage: In the future, we plan to explore innovative ways to incentivize users to use Adot’s tools to implement Koii’s attention tracking, providing more rewards and opportunities for Web3 users.

We are looking forward to our collaboration with Koii Network. While the reward has not yet been received, this partnership has already ignited our passion and will contribute to achieving our goals of a more open, fair, and beneficial Web3 search ecosystem. We anticipate working together with Koii Network to offer users more opportunities and value.

Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to Koii Network for their support of Adot. We will continue to strive for the creation of a more open and innovative future for Web3 search. Please stay tuned for our progress!

About Koii Network

Koii Network is a platform with a mission to democratize the internet and improve the online ecosystem. It offers a range of services and features, including: Peer-to-Peer Apps, Decentralized Infrastructure, Knowledge Sharing, Blockchain for Media, AI Infrastructure Startup, Digital Tools, Social Media Presence, Open Source.

About Adot

Adot is building a Web3 search engine for the AI era that provides users with real-time, intelligent, and professional decision support more conveniently.



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