Elevate Your Web3 Applications with Adot AI Search SDK

In the fast-evolving landscape of Web3, integrating advanced AI search capabilities into your applications is not just an enhancement; it’s a necessity.

Recognizing this, Adot has launched its groundbreaking AI Search SDK, a comprehensive toolkit designed to seamlessly infuse your projects with state-of-the-art search functionalities. Let’s dive into what makes the Adot AI Search SDK the premier choice for developers looking to revolutionize their Web3 applications.

What is Adot AI Search SDK?


The Adot AI Search SDK stands at the forefront of Web3 development tools, offering a simple yet powerful solution for embedding robust AI search capabilities into your applications. This SDK is your gateway to a plethora of Web3 tools, enabling functionalities such as social interactions, NFT trading, content creation, and sophisticated data analysis. With its dual support for on-chain and off-chain data, Adot’s SDK is a versatile and essential AI data source for any app development project.

One SDK — All Dapps

Regardless of the scope or scale of your project, the Adot AI Search SDK is designed to be the easiest and most efficient starting point. It is the foundation upon which you can build and scale your applications, ensuring that no matter what you’re creating, Adot has got you covered.

Features Made Simple

Adot AI Search SDK is the embodiment of simplicity and flexibility, offering a suite of lightweight AI search features that are unparalleled in their efficiency and ease of use:

Smart Search: Instantly find the information you need with a powerful AI-driven search function.

Global Languages: Break language barriers with search results in your preferred language.

Quick Query Setter: Prioritize in-site searches to get faster, more relevant results.

Source Detective: Tailor your search scope to exclude unwanted information.

Theme Styler: Customize the look and feel of your search interface with various styles.

Highlighter: Make important words or phrases stand out in your search results.

Name Your Search Buddy: A unique feature allowing personalized search functionality.

Choose a Plan That Fits Your Needs

Adot offers two distinct plans to cater to different requirements and budgets:

Basic: Access core functionalities free of charge, including Smart Search, Global Languages, and more.

Upgrade: For $99.00/month, unlock advanced features like Highlighter and Quick Query Setter for an enhanced search experience.

Experience It Now

Integrating Adot AI Search SDK into your project is a breeze, requiring just two simple steps. Input the URL to your project or webpage, preview the integration effect, and you’re all set to revolutionize your application’s search capabilities.

Expanding Collaboration and Growing Interest

Adot is proud to announce that over 10 partners with a strong interest in leveraging the AI Search SDK for their applications have already signaled their intentions to collaborate. This burgeoning interest underscores the SDK’s appeal and effectiveness in meeting the complex demands of modern Web3 development. Furthermore, the developer community around Adot’s AI Search SDK is rapidly growing, with more and more developers joining to explore its vast potential. This collaborative ecosystem is a testament to the SDK’s capability to revolutionize how applications search and process information in the Web3 space.

Project parties that have successfully applied for Adot’s Web SDK are YakiHonne, zhishi.io, AINN, Rei Network, BuidlerDAO, getpluck, Alaya.AI, DAREN, BereRoot, AgentLayer, Club3, RMUD, TripleC, CEEX, GameLand.

Build Your Own AI Search

Adot provides an easy-to-follow guide and templates to help you build your first smart application. With Adot AI Search SDK, you’re not just integrating a search feature; you’re enhancing your application’s overall user experience, making it more intuitive, efficient, and accessible.

⚙️Adot Web SDK Developer Doc

For Web3 developers looking to elevate their applications with cutting-edge AI search functionalities, the Adot AI Search SDK is a game-changer. With its comprehensive features, ease of integration, and flexible pricing plans, Adot empowers developers to build more engaging, innovative, and user-friendly applications. Experience the future of AI search integration with Adot and take your Web3 projects to the next level.

About Adot

Adot is a decentralized search network for AI Internet. It not only provides users with a more convenient and intelligent Web3 content search experience but also assists developers in quickly building their own personalized search functionalities.

Adot’s mission is to build a decentralized search network that all-round surpasses traditional search engines to make all high-quality data openly accessible to every user and developer.

Website: https://www.adot.tech (https://www.a.xyz)

App: https://ai.a.xyz

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Adot_web3

Telegram: https://t.me/AdotWeb3_Official

Medium: https://medium.com/@adotweb3

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