Event | Adot Founder Wei Shares Insights on Blockchain at ETHShanghai

Wei, the founder of Adot, participated as a guest speaker at ETHShanghai on June 29, 2023. During the panel discussion titled “Utilize Blockchain Technology in Real-world”, Wei shared valuable insights alongside representatives from Chainbase, 0xScope, and Chainlink.

Wei began by introducing Adot’s innovative products. Adot offers a two-fold approach, catering to both developers and Web3 users. For developers, Adot provides an open index and customizable search capabilities. For Web3 users, Adot is set to launch an AI-powered search product that assists with complex decision-making.

One of the key topics discussed by Wei was the importance of user data privacy in the context of search engines. Wei emphasized that user data plays a vital role in search algorithms, as it is used to train AI models and allocate revenue from search advertising. To protect user privacy, Wei presented several strategies:

Aggregating user behavior: Adot requires a minimum threshold of N individuals’ data before it can be aggregated and used.

Data isolation: User data is isolated by time periods, making it impossible to track an individual’s activities across multiple days. For instance, Adot utilizes a dynamic identification system that changes the unified user ID stored in the database every day.

Channel-based data segregation: Different types of user data are limited to specific channels, ensuring that only designated channels have access to certain types of user information.

Wei also highlighted the challenges that the Web3 industry needs to address in the future. The primary focus lies in reducing barriers for developers and users, particularly in cross-domain applications. Lowering the threshold for developers involves enabling them to utilize various data sources and tools, such as integrating news and social data into NFT development. For users, the key is providing intuitive ways to leverage diverse data and tools within the Web3 ecosystem to address their specific needs effectively.

In conclusion, Wei’s participation in the ETHShanghai event shed light on Adot’s innovative products and the importance of user data privacy in the Web3 search engine landscape. Furthermore, the discussion emphasized the need to simplify the developer and user experiences in order to unlock the full potential of Web3 technology.

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