Journey Through EthDenver 2024: Adot’s Adventures in the Mile-High City

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Before we dive into our exhilarating journey through EthDenver 2024, let’s introduce Adot ( Adot is a decentralized search network for the AI Internet era, offering enhanced Web3 searches and enabling developer customization. Our mission is to surpass traditional engines, ensuring open access to quality data for all.

Now, let’s strap in as we recount the milestones and unforgettable moments that marked our presence at this grand event in Denver, Colorado — a spectacle that painted the city in hues of innovation and camaraderie, embodying our relentless pursuit of revolutionizing the Web3 space.

Adot’s EthDenver 2024 Highlights

A New Gateway Opens: Our Vision and New Website Launch (

Recently, We have taken a significant leap forward by announcing a major update to our project vision, marking a pivotal moment in our journey. As a startup poised at the forefront of AI and Web3 innovation, we have refined our core identity as a decentralized search network for the AI era. This repositioning reflects a deeper commitment to exploring the AI+Web3 domain, signaling a shift from a traditional Web3 search engine to a comprehensive platform offering a variety of products and services. Our new vision underscores our profound understanding of future internet trends and our ambition to meld AI with blockchain technology, thereby crafting a novel internet experience.

Central to this vision is the unveiling of the Search Engine of the Trust Internet (SeTi), a solution designed to address the current challenges faced by the internet. In an era where Web3 and AI are reshaping our digital landscape, a trustworthy internet necessitates a reliable search engine. This strategic pivot not only highlights Adot’s innovative approach to internet development but also sets the stage for our enhanced commitment to integrating these transformative technologies.

In conjunction with this vision update, we launched our new website , i.e.,, — a portal to our latest innovations and a testament to our dedication to improving user experiences. This launch represents a significant milestone, offering a glimpse into the future of Web3 search and setting a new standard for how we engage with and navigate the digital world.

Spotlight on Innovation: Blockchain Boosters — AI Edition

Following the announcement of our new vision and the launch of our website, we brought this renewed purpose to EthDenver 2024, starting on February 27th with the “Blockchain Boosters — AI Edition.” Hosted by AGI and TaskON, this event served as a melting pot for leading innovators, including Adot, IoTex, Solv, CGV, LAZAI, and Near Protocol. As a sponsor, we proudly showcased the Search Engine of the Trust Internet (SeTi).

Our founder Wei’s presentation illuminated our path forward, stirring excitement about our decentralized search network and its role in redefining trust on the internet.

A Special Chat with Genzio Media

During our engaging conversation with Genzio Media, one of EthDenver’s official media partners, Wei shared profound insights into the challenges and opportunities that lie at the heart of Adot’s mission. He began by addressing the critical issue facing today’s internet: the erosion of trust. With the rise of AI technologies like ChatGPT, the internet has seen an increase in illusionary and uncontrollable content, leading to a proliferation of untrustworthy AI-generated information. Despite Web3’s potential for trustworthy data, its benefits remain underutilized due to the lack of a dedicated search engine, making it challenging for average users to leverage this data effectively.

Wei introduced Adot’s revolutionary vision, the Search Engine of the Trust Internet (SeTi), which aims to create a reliable and trustworthy AI ecosystem by combining search capabilities with Web3 and AI technologies. This vision distinguishes Adot from traditional search engines by focusing on machine-generated data and human-authored content, aiming to build a comprehensive digital knowledge base that aligns with the evolving nature of internet content.

Looking ahead, Wei outlined Adot’s ambitious plans for a decentralized architecture and economic system that rewards users for contributing machine data and search data. This initiative aims to promote the decentralization of data contributions and offer incentives to users, fostering a community-driven ecosystem where contributions are valued and rewarded.

Wei also reflected on his journey and entrepreneurial spirit, highlighting his experience in developing mobile search advertising at Google and his transition into the Web3 space. Driven by the belief that Web3 requires a foundational search engine to thrive as the next iteration of the internet, Wei’s insights not only demonstrate a deep understanding of the internet’s evolving landscape but also underscore his commitment to pioneering solutions that address these emerging challenges.

Through this comprehensive discussion, amplified by EthDenver’s official channels, Wei’s vision for integrating AI and blockchain technology, and his commitment to solving the internet’s trust issues, earned widespread acclaim, reinforcing Adot’s position as a leader in the intersection of AI, Web3, and search technology.

Strengthening Bonds and Forging Alliances

The Tradition Continues

For the second year in a row, Adot’s founder, Wei, set out on a mission to EthDenver, showcasing our ambitions in the decentralized, AI-powered search domain. This event not only served as the perfect stage for highlighting our advancements and goals but also marked a continuation of a tradition that began at last year’s EthDenver 2023.

It was there that we first encountered prominent Web3 projects like Arweave and Koii Network, initiating a journey of meaningful and memorable collaborations. These partnerships have since become the cornerstone of trust and cooperation for Adot, showcasing the strength and potential of our network within the Web3 community.

Forging Strong Partnerships

EthDenver extends beyond merely showcasing; it acts as a vital platform for forging new alliances and reinforcing existing ones. Our participation this year was instrumental in meeting and partnering with remarkable entities like TaskOn and AGI, further broadening our collaborative horizon. Alongside the unwavering support from our long-standing partners such as BeraRoot, Alaya,, Gabby World, BubbleAI, PredX and REI Network following our Web SDK product launch, these new connections underscore our unwavering commitment to delivering innovative and user-centric search products and services.

The partnership between Adot and PredX

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the EthDenver event for opening doors to such fruitful collaborations, further enriching Adot’s ecosystem and reinforcing our presence in the Web3 and AI sectors.

Rekindling Old Friendships

Beyond the event’s hustle and bustle, EthDenver provided a heartwarming opportunity to reconnect with old friends. It wasn’t just a platform for business and innovation; it was a reunion for individuals united by their passion for blockchain and AI.

Wei and the members of SpringX
Wei and the member from Koii Network

Looking Ahead

Our adventure at EthDenver 2024 was more than just event participation; it was a declaration of our dedication to exploring and expanding in the North American Web3 market. With strategic collaborations on the horizon, Adot is poised to introduce more accessible, convenient, and smart search solutions to our users, developers, and the broader community.

In wrapping up this unforgettable journey, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who joined us, supported us, and believed in our vision. The road ahead is exciting, and we’re just getting started. Here’s to more milestones, partnerships, and breakthroughs as we continue to navigate the ever-evolving landscapes of AI and Web3.

Thank you for being part of our journey. Until next time, keep searching, keep trusting!🔥

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Adot’s mission is to build a decentralized search network that all-round surpasses traditional search engines to make all high-quality data openly accessible to every user and developer.

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