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The new logo design of Adot

Today we are excited to announce that we are giving our brand a refresh by rolling out a new logo design.

As a decentralized search engine for the Web3 era, Adot carries the expectations and trust of users. We designed this new logo which represents the new orientation for Adot based on the understanding for our users in this new era.

Our new logo brings together our main visions that include connection, integration and co-building aimed at uniting our ecosystem and global community along with our activities. With this, we aim to present Adot better and cater you with better services in times to come.

In the new design, the two geometric shapes are independent of each other, representing Adot’s combination of Web2 and Web3 advantages to bring the ultimate search engine product experience to users. At the same time, with the light to dark blue-green gradient color, a stable pattern structure is formed, symbolizing the spirit and value of pursuing Web2 and Web3 tolerance and symbiosis in the transition of Adot to the new era.

The new logo origins

From the overall structure, the combination of “A.” represents “A” and “Dot”, which indicates that Adot will carry the important function and significance of information connection and communication in the era of Web3. Web3 provides users with a huge amount of data and rich content. Thus, with the functions in iterative progress, Adot defines the fundamental needs of users to get knowledge in the Web3 world: intelligent search engine, full data acquisition, flexible API interaction, etc., and establishes a portal for users to open the new Web3 world.

Get ready for some amazing opportunities and offerings within the Adot search ecosystem in the coming period to come with upcoming updates.

We always appreciate your kind support. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Twitter.

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