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Say Goodbye to be Lost in Web3

Welcome to Adot. Web3 is fun but also mysterious. Adot is a decentralized Web3 search engine. With Adot, you will be able to receive sorted and aggregated Web3 data from both on-chain and off-chain sources.

Revolutionize the Search Engine

Aggregate On-chain and Off-chain Data

Web3 is not only related to blockchain, but also integrated to IRL data. Adot knocks down the wall between on-chain and off-chain and shows your a new world.

Search with Rewards

Adot recognizes the value of your search history and understands your ownership of your data. If you are willing to share your search data with us to optimize the search result, you will be fairly rewarded.

Lego Your Composable Search Engine

With Adot, you can lego your search engine to customize your search experience. Composable and fun.

Empower Developers with Adot Tools

Adot provides low-code SDKs and powerful search services to enable developers to build their own dApps.

Who can use Adot?

For Searchers

Easy to use as Google. Adot your concerns and connect to both on-chain and off-chain data.

For Developers

Low-code makes life easy. Adot provides powerful SDKs and APIs for you to BUIDL your customized search engine easily.

Welcome to Adot!

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Official Twitter: @Adot_web3



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